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Konstutställning | Umeå Folkets Hus 2011
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Solvändning [Sun turn]: Acrylic on primed paper.

Solminnen I-V [Sun memories]: Oil and pencil on primed paper.

Nattljus | Art exhibition 2010

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Nattljus I-VI

Granvila : Björkvila

Solfärd | Art exhibition 2009

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Solfärd I

Solfärd II

Åter | Graphics exhibition 2006

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Åter I

Åter II

Åter III

Åter is a series Gicléeprints on 315grams acidfree paper made of cotton.
The pictures are made in a limited edition of 12 copies per motive.
They are numbered and signed by hand.

The pictures are 28x35 cm (whole paper area is 33x43cm)

Price: 1400SEK / picture

Whole series: 3600SEK

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Is for sale on Konstfrämjandet in Umeå, Sweden. They can also help with framing.
www.konstframjandet.ac.se[Look under the link "Konstnärer"(Artists)]

You can also buy the pictures via this website.
Contact me via E-mail if you're interested.


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Frames from an animationstudy 2005.

Winterphotos 35mm 2006